Just Say NO to Fundraising Requests from Politicians

07/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It's that time of the year again. Every quarter, just as the FEC reporting deadlines approach, politicians go on a mad scramble for last-minute donations.

You've probably gotten email and direct-mail solicitations already.

My reform organization Change Congress would like to give you a civic-minded reason to just say "No."

Thousands of people have joined our "donor strike" for political reform. We're pledging not to give a penny more to any federal candidate who does not support replacing special-interest funded elections with citizen-funded congressional elections, a hybrid of public funding and Obama-style small donations.

Together, we've withdrawn over $1.6 million from politicians who don't support bipartisan legislation in Congress to return democracy to the people.

If you haven't already joined the donor strike, please do so today. Then, just "No" to fundraising requests from any politician who has not yet supported citizen-funded elections. Here's how, in a couple easy steps:

1. Check to see if the federal candidate asking you for money is a supporter by clicking here. If he or she is, then please thank them.

2. If he or she is not a supporter, and they asked you for money by email, just respond by sending back this link: http://change-congress.org/no

(CC us too! We'd love to see it! info@change-congress.org)

3. If he or she is not a supporter, and they asked you for money by direct mail, download our free donor strike sticker design here. You can print them out and tape them to your reply -- or buy an Avery 10-pack on Amazon or at a local store. Then, slap it on the fundraising request and send it back!

Want to do more? Then most importantly, help spread the story of our strike. Click here to post this message automatically on Twitter:

(And, if the money you were going to give to politicians is burning a hole in your pocket, then consider donating to Change Congress to help us continue our work to reform the system. If you donate at least $50 here, I'll have some color stickers sent to you right away.)

In any case, thank you to the many people who have supported our donor strike already -- and to all that join today and help us send a message to politicians that we are serious about reform.