05/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

So Yummy - Your Kids Won't Even Know It's Healthy

YES YOU CAN AFFORD TO FEED YOUR FAMILY HEALTHY, ORGANIC FOODS ON A BUDGET!! Does the price of organic foods keep you from eating organic? You just may be able to put some of those organic foods back on your grocery list. Some healthy, low fat, and organic meals can actually be dramatically less expensive than you think. Sometimes you just need to take the basics, get a little creative, and remember that almost anything can be put on a sandwich!! I have yet to meet a child who doesn't love sandwiches. Here is an extremely low cost, super nutritious meal that my four little princesses love!!


Avocado is so nutritious that some health experts claim humans can live on it exclusively. The fruit is packed with vitamin E, fiber, and so many other nutrients. It also is an excellent source of the "good fat" that young children need for brain development and that everyone needs for their heart! This lunch recipe is based on feeding a family of six. Can you believe that you can feed your whole family such a nutritious meal for about $10.00?. Busy moms also LOVE the fact that this recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare and voila, it's on the table!! It can be a bit messy open faced, but some kids seem to enjoy it like this for something different.

To give this meal some "star appeal", try cutting out the bread first with a large sandwich cutter shaped like a star. Williams Sonoma makes a large one that my girls love. Top it off with a star toothpick in the center and now you have a Superstar Sandwich!!

2 large organic avocados ($2.00 a piece)
1 pint of low fat organic sour cream ($2.19)
Grated organic white cheddar cheese ($3.00 a package)
Brownberry wheat bread ($2.59 loaf)
1 fresh lemon ($.99)
FRESH ORGANIC BASIL- Basil is an anti-inflammatory food that provides healing benefits. The herb is also a great source of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C.

Take avodacos and smash up with a fork until partially smooth and consistent. Next add 1 teaspoon of sour cream. Then add a few pinches of sea salt. Sea salt is saltier than other table salts, so all you need are a few pinches. Take a small slice of lemon, remove any seeds, and squeeze fresh juice generously into mixture. Last but not least take a handful of fresh basil, cut off stems, chop into small pieces and add. Make sure to mix all ingredients around thoroughly.
Spread onto toasted wheat bread, sprinkle with organic cheese, leave open faced and serve!!! DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE AWESOME AVOCADO VIDEO TO SEE HOW EVEN THE MOST FINICKY EATERS WILL LOVE THIS NUTRITIOUS MEAL!!