04/17/2015 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Enough? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes)


So many of us are regularly plagued by self doubts. Instead of feeling free, happy and powerful, so many of us feel sad, exhausted, or overwhelmed. When we continually live with these de-motivating emotions, it keeps us from achieving the things we most want out of life.

These self-limiting beliefs come with negative outcomes and yet, many of us can't seem to shake them.  Why do we create these ideas about ourselves, and how can we overcome them to create a world where we truly want to live?

We Don't Realize We're Doing It
One of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to getting what we want out of life is that we lack awareness about what we truly want. The sad truth is that we get so used to holding ourselves down that, over time, we forget we're even doing it. We get to a point where we don't realize we've been telling ourselves "You're not good enough to get that promotion," or "I'm from a family that struggled financially so I'll never have enough money of my own." If we don't take the time to learn what our self-limiting beliefs are and where they originated, we're unable to move forward and overcome our blocks to success.

If we understood our feelings and emotions more, we'd be better able to understand our personal biases how they keep us from getting clear about what we want. I've coached people through their money decisions for more than 20 years. In that time I've seen just how emotionally cut off many of us are when it comes to our financial decisions. When we study our lives to see how money shows up, we can learn a tremendous amount about our financial blocks. This awareness creates a pathway to healing and ultimately to creative financial and emotional transformation.

We've Been Culturally Conditioned
We learn from our families, friends, classmates, and later colleagues that it's socially desirable to suppress our feelings, particularly the negatively perceived ones. Men learn from an early age that tenderness is a sign of weakness, for example. Women meanwhile learn to invalidate their feelings so they appear cooperative and avoid the stereotype of emotional instability.

We push our true desires aside and hide our base emotions so we can maintain societal expectations. When we don't take the time to revisit these emotions at a more appropriate time, though, the results can be debilitating. When we repress pain, we create mental and emotional blocks that can ultimately hold us back from understanding and achieving our life's true purpose.

We De-Prioritize Self-Actualization
For many of us, the work we've been put on this planet to achieve is the most challenging. Why?  Because it forces us to face our most terrifying inner selves. So, to avoid those fears, many of us transfer our focus to easier challenges like work, home life, or the endless accumulation of things and money.

When we're preoccupied with external achievements, we can easily get off track and become less conscious of what we find truly valuable. You don't need to prove our value to anyone else; only you can decide your own worth.

By uncovering your negative beliefs about yourself and your money, you can learn to let go of those limiting ideals and start moving toward the life you've always wanted. Whatever it is you desire, know this: You Are Enough.

Photo licensed by Bigstockphoto/Subbotina Anna