09/02/2014 10:48 am ET Updated Nov 01, 2014


Five years ago a few Canadian actors, directors and writers got together and started working on a project, Jackhammer. A truly independent success, the movie's original filming ended up being so great that the team (Guy Christie, who also plays the main character in the movie; Duncan MacLellan; Julian Paul and Jason Burkart) were able to approach additional producers, acquire more funding, and score talent such as Pam Anderson, Nicole Sullivan (Mad TV), Rob Wells (Trailer Park Boys) and Jamie Kennedy (Scream).

The soon-to-be Canadian Comedy Cult Classic, Jackhammer follows an actor Julian (played by Guy Christie) as he struggles after being blacklisted by a big-time theatre director. He reconnects with his estranged brother "Jackhammer", a male stripper.

Duncan MacLellan (one of the movie's writers and executive producers) tells me:

It's an absurd comedy that could become a cult classic. It's an underdog behind-the-scenes story of a bunch of young filmmakers and actors who were sick of waiting for Hollywood to let them in, so we decided to do it in our own.

In the end, whether you end up laughing hysterically and loving the film, or adding it to your "never watch again" list, this movie is proof that with work ethic and an amazing team (who happen to be Canadian by the way) goals are achievable.

The movie's official release date is September 2nd and if you are in Vancouver you can connect with the team on Facebook to attend the event for free.

Watch the extended trailer: