05/10/2011 10:29 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for May 10, 2011 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Miami leads Boston three games to one after a 98-90 overtime win in game four.
* Oklahoma City wins a triple overtime thriller, 133-123, to even their series with Memphis two games apiece.
* In the NHL playoffs, Vancouver eliminated Nashville in six games.
* How low can you go? Tiger Woods is now ranked eighth in the world.
* What's going on here? After a record 18 straight losing seasons, the Pittsburgh Pirates are above .500 after beating the Dodgers last night.

2. The Champs are Chumps

You guys had lots to say about the cheap-shot Lakers getting unceremoniously dumped by Dallas.

*Pete B. "God, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor must be shaking their heads over that travesty that happened in game 4, thugs is too kind a word."

*Harold N. "You are being too kind to the bums on the Lakers. They are a disgrace to all sports and athletes.That last hit by Bynum should cause him to be the thrown out of the league for good. No ifs!!"

*From Californian Rich R. "Now we have two thug riddled teams in California, the Raiders and the Lakers."

*And Greg S. on Twitter @LenBermanSports: "Makes one appreciate the final act of each NHL series."

Great point, Greg. The traditional Stanley Cup team handshake is still one of the great traditions in sports.

3. Distant Replay

Under the heading of a "leopard never changes his spots," you may have seen the note about former NFL running back Mack Herron. He was arrested for heroin possession. Turns out he's has been arrested dozens of times and has at least seven felony convictions. In 1975, after leading the Patriots in just about everything, he was suddenly thrown off the team by coach Chuck Fairbanks. The word was "drugs" at a party. The day it happened, Fairbanks was my guest on a local TV show and I was told if I asked him about it, he would get up and walk out. So I conducted the entire interview, asking about everything but what everyone wanted to hear about. Talk about feeling like a whore. Thanks, Mack Herron, for bringing back such unpleasant memories.

4. Speaking of Leopards

The Seattle Mariners have dumped Milton Bradley. Not a surprise. Despite being paid $12 million this season, he's batting .218. He's also been ejected twice in the past 10 days, and he sat out another game because of suspension. He hasn't spoken to reporters most of the season, and he wears earplugs so he doesn't have to hear any crap from the fans. This is his eighth team, and what went on this year is just a replay of what's happened everywhere else. I have one question. Which team will now hire him and proclaim, "He's a changed man"?

5. Maestro at Work

Let's see. Take a pink baseball bat and play it like a violin for the National Anthem. Works for me on Mother's Day.

Just curious music fans, what's that note he hits near the end? And as a result, are cats and dogs still mating in Queens?

Happy Birthday: Former NFL and sportscasting great Pat Summerall. 81.
Bonus Birthday: Bono. 51.

Today in Sports: Bobby Orr's iconic goal wins the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins. 1970.
Bonus Event: We're in the money. Only 3 horses ran in the Kentucky Derby. 1905.

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