08/27/2010 11:07 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for August 27, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Tiger Woods shoots his best round of the year, a 6-under 65 at the Barclays. He was tied for the lead with Vaughn Taylor.
* 20-year old Michelle Wie also fired a 65 to take a 3 shot lead at the Canadian Women's Open. Her round included a hole in one.
* Roger Clemens will be arraigned Monday in Washington on charges that he lied to Congress about his steroid use.
* Albert Pujols of the Cards belts his 400th career homer. He's the third youngest to do it. (Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr.)
* Since I'm in Williamsport Pa. today, signing my new kids book at the Little League World Series, I should tell you that Texas will play either Hawaii or Georgia tomorrow for the right to face Japan or Chinese Taipei on Sunday for all the marbles. (Don't bet against Chinese Taipei.)

2. Just Curious

Does this mean that Tiger Woods isn't returning to sex rehab? Lord it's a miracle, I'm cured! By the way, are there any single guys in sex rehab?

3. Breaking News

I thought those crawls on the bottom of the TV screen were just for news and sports stuff. It turns out in Italy, they've been much more than that. They appear on the screen as simple fan texts during a soccer show. But in reality they are secret messages to jailed mafia dons. Stupid me, I thought those WNBA scores on the bottom of the screen really meant something.

4. Friday eMailbag

Subscriber R.D. says don't entirely blame the Wilpons for hiring Francisco Rodriguez without checking out his "anger" issues. He writes, "To be perfectly clear, it was Mets' fans fault... we thought he would help after losing Billy Wagner. I was on the bandwagon to get him, so in some way I'm guilty."
Editor's Note: Wow, an honest fan.

P.R. has a question. "Roger Clemens is indicted for lying to congress. How do you get in a jam for lying to professional liars and cheaters? Only in America."
Editor's Note: Oh, now we're a political blog?

As for fans watching on TV calling rules infractions on golfers, as happened to Julie Inkster, John in N.C. suggests, "We can all spend our Saturday and Sunday afternoons competing for a prize by calling in the golf infraction voted by a panel of celebrity judges as the silliest of the tournament."
Editor's Note: Reality TV at its best.

5. Spanning the World

So you think it's easy being a sportscaster? She's just minding her own business at the German soccer match. It's this week's Spanning the World highlight.

Cool header, huh?

Have a great weekend everyone.

Happy Birthday: Two time Masters champion, Bernhard Langer of Germany. 53.
Bonus Birthday: Paul Reubens, otherwise known as Pee-wee Herman. 58.

Today in Sports: The owner of the Acme Packing Company bought a football franchise for the city of Green Bay Wisconsin, thus the birth of the Green Bay Packers. 1921.
Bonus Event: The line, "Me Tarzan you Jane," was not in the book Tarzan of the Apes published by Edgar Rice Burroughs on this date. 1912.