09/02/2010 01:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

City Life: Los Angeles, CA

The 'City of Angels' is a city people tend to either love or hate. I most definitely am a lover of this grand metropolis. Many people associate the city with Hollywood and the glitz and glamour that comes from the magic of the movie business. Even though this is indeed a large part of the city it is not the only aspect. Los Angeles is far bigger and grander than the movie business. Its diversity and laid back feel transcends even the giant that is Hollywood.

Even though LA is one contiguous city it in fact houses so many differing types of people and sub cultures that it at times feels like many small cities within a city. The contrasts in lifestyles are colorful and paint a mosaic of life unique to the streets and vibe that is Los Angeles.

Los Angeles most certainly has something for everyone.

Angelenos love their food and as with everything in LA there is no shortage of options. LA is a city where everyone's palette and wallet size can be accommodated. There are many choices from the highest end to the lowest. XIV on Sunset Boulevard is a magnificent eatery if you wish to splurge the cash, yet just down the road, if you can stomach the long line, a legendary Pink's hot dog awaits! My personal favorite is organic restaurant, Cheebo, which caters to the hipster Hollywood crowd. Legendary hang out Nate 'n Al's in Beverly Hills affords you stellar food and the chance to run into CNN's Larry King, who legend has it calls this spot his second home.

Nightlife is also a big part of LA culture with Hollywood heaving at nights with skimpily clad women searching for cabs to get home when the clubs close at 2am. My personal favorite when it comes to the Hollywood 'scene' is the first eco friendly club 'Ecco' on Cahuenga Boulevard. It mixes Hollywood chic with fast pumping House music. Tell Ash at the door that Leon sent you.

For all those who enjoy a good shopping binge then LA can quite quickly become your Mecca. Robertson boulevard is definitely the fashionable place to be seen scampering from shop to shop, whilst burning a sizable hole in your wallet. Other cheaper options do exist, with Melrose being a lot more artsy and far easier on the wallet. The beach towns of Santa Monica and Venice also have many options to indulge your passion for shopoholism (I think I just made up a word, Palin style!). Third street promenade in Santa Monica is also a wonderful place to take kids for a bit of shopping and street performer action.

Living in LA also caters wonderfully to an outdoor lifestyle. There is a grand variety for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts alike; from hiking in Runyon Canyon to running on the many beaches at dawn. It is an outdoor person's dream to live and work in this city.

I could go on for days about my city but short and sweet is my directive. For those of you, who still find yourselves in the 'haters' camp, send me a message and I will show you around this wonderful city; hopefully my personal touch will bring you to your senses.