12/23/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

Let Girls Lead Video Contest: Jasmine Barbers

Jasmine Babers, 18
Rock Island, U.S.A.

Over 50 videos have been submitted from girl leaders around the world to Let Girls Lead's Global Girls' Conversation Video Contest. Each entry has helped to highlight the many challenges girls face, and has showcased the innovative solutions that girls and their allies have been put into place worldwide to help them move towards a future with better opportunities.

This contest has amplified the voices of girls around the world, giving them a platform to share their experiences. Jasmine Barbers has the same vision for girls. As she explains in her video submission, she founded Love, Girls Magazine with the intention of giving girls a space to voice their opinions about issues directly affecting them. Described as a self-esteem magazine for girls, Love, Girls Magazine is written by girls for girls, and covers topics such as bullying and body image. Jasmine and her fellow publishers collect donations to fund the magazine and distribute it to their communities. By giving girls a positive outlet and space to write about the real issues facing them, Jasmine has empowered girls to stand up and be leaders.

There is still time to be part of our contest! Be sure to submit your video before the extended deadline on January 15, 2013. You can find the official entry guidelines and a submission form on our website

Jasmine Barers' story: Hi, my name is Jasmine Babers, and I founded Love, Girls Magazine after my close personal friends told me how they thought they weren't good enough. The magazine is a self-esteem magazine for girls by girls published four times a year in both the Quad Cities and in Memphis. The girls write about topics that are important to them and their communities such as bullying, body image and more. And, they get to do all the writing and photography. With donations and advertising, we were able to fund a magazine that has become precious to more than five thousand girls. The objective of the magazine is to help boost self-esteem by telling girls' stories and showcasing their successes. If you want to learn more you can visit

Let Girls Lead empowers girls and their allies to lead social change through advocacy, education, economic empowerment, storytelling and strategic partnerships, contributing to improved health, education, and livelihoods for more than three million girls globally.

Let Girls Lead's Global Girls' Conversation video contest highlights girls' power to create change by sharing their own solutions through short videos. The video contest is an exciting opportunity for girls, organizations working with girls and girls' allies to submit one to two-minute videos capturing girls' solutions and successes. In partnership with The Huffington Post, Let Girls Lead will feature these compelling videos on the Global Girls' Conversation interactive platform and on Huffington Post's Global Motherhood column, sharing girls' power to lead change with a global audience. Contest winners will receive $10,000 in cash, equipment, and training to create their own short films. For more information, please visit here.