02/19/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2013

Crabby About Downton Abbey ?

So, even though I'd heard about the ending of Downton Abbey's Season 3 and knew what was coming, I found the fatal car accident at the end gratuitous, pointless, and lazy on the part of the writers. Please, another semi-orphaned baby? Well, maybe the grieving parents will find solace and true understanding together. Won't that put some noses out of joint.

But meanwhile, think of all the truly dramatic things that could have happened this season instead:

Lady Cora could have bitch slapped mopey Lord Grantham when he complained about change on the estate and finally dislodged the stick up his butt.

Or Lady Edith could have given up on men altogether, moved to Paris and joined Natalie Barney's literary lesbian circle.

Bates could have been cured at Lourdes.

Poor put-upon Daisy could finally have erupted at the mockery ladled on her like sauce and set fire to the kitchen.

The Dowager might have tripped obnoxious Isobel Crawley not just with words, but with her walking stick.

Jimmy could have had an epiphany, fallen into Thomas's arms and stayed there.

Or the IRA could have come after Branson at Downton, blown the place up, and then we would have had a Dynasty-like cliffhanger.

Wait, maybe Dallas is the model here and Matthew's death is just a dream...