12/03/2010 03:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Cup Size Choir: Lingerie Ads Go Musical

Call it Glee meets softcore: 7 model/singers in lacey lingerie and thigh-highs writhe on white mattresses while singing Deck the Halls. Just the notes, that is. The women wear bra cups sized A through G, and each sings the musical note that corresponds to her cup size.

So okay, the holiday ad for La Senza lingerie gets points for cleverness. But frustratingly, for a commercial that boasts 7 different body types, the models look unnervingly like clones.

The spot introduces models A, B, C, and D standing up, gazing sultrily at the camera. Meanwhile models E, F, and G -- the specialty, plus-sizes of bra measurements -- are shot only on their backs. G raises her arms above her head. If their boobs are significantly different from their friend the B cup's, these camera angles sure don't show it.

For added fun with the Cup Size Choir, users can go to the company's Choir site to create tunes of their own. Play the Girls, the copy urges. Skipping over the objectification (this is, after all, an ad for sexy lingerie), the women look so very much alike, it's unclear how users unfamiliar with the cup-size-as-musical-note conceit are supposed to get the joke.

It's terrific that La Senza carries such a complete spectrum of bra sizes. (At least in the UK, which appears to be responsible for the Cup Size Choir. The Canadian company's standard website lacks the continental store's stock of specialty sizes.) Even more amazing is that the company's specialty sizes come in styles beyond a matronly shade of beige. But the La Senza holiday ad would be so much hotter if the company stops making its specialty models front like they have B-cup bodies, and stops shrouding their A-cup model in excessive amounts of fabric. More kinds of boobs is pretty much always better.

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