03/19/2013 07:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thank Goodness For The Past-Due '90210' Cancellation

90210 cancellation

Forgive me grownups for I have sinned. I've been watching "90210" -- the new one, not the one we all watched growing up in the '90s -- since pretty much the beginning. I know it's a teen show and I know it's not a fan (or critics) fave, but I liked it. Or at least I did until this season, this preposterous soap opera of a season, and so I say -- thank God, and good riddance. This is just the right time to pull the plug, CW. Thank you.

The initial appeal of the show was clear: A group of extremely attractive people in very stereotypical roles, with more money than I can ever dream of, messing around with each other and getting into trouble. What's not to love? Naomi's bitchy ways won me over, Liam's abs didn't hurt (he's like a young Matthew McConaughey this one, always taking his shirt off), and Annie and Dixon's wholesome family gave the show its realistic anchor. Hell, even original Kelly and Brenda were on board.

For a while there, we had a good run, even though the stories made no sense and at some point, it became just a glamorized "Lord of the Flies." But it was fun, wacky, their problems seemed plausible -- teen pregnancy, drug abuse, coming out, dealing with cancer -- albeit excessively overdone. Then this season, they lost me. Don't get me wrong, I still watch it. But I'm pretty much hate-watching it now, and I'm glad to learn the heads of CW are doing the same.

The storylines have gone so far off the deep end, even the characters look worn out. Naomi, 20 and soon to be divorced, is not her feisty self, but rather a washed out version of her former high school drama queen. Silver's BRCA gene issues have made her way too uptight and obnoxious. Liam's near kidnapping by the hands of a crazed fan no one saw coming has little to do with the more gratifying love-triangle, motorcycle crashing former plot. Even Ade's repetitive meltdowns are exhausting, so much so that they drove off the only sweet, genuine character we've seen in a while, Megan. And speaking of newbies, what is up with Michaela and does anyone else not trust her?!

To the point though: I'm glad it's over. I might miss them for a little while, my deranged "what are their last names?" bunch, but it's time. They have nowhere to develop the series (as evidenced by the unintended killing off of all common sense) and when these things happen, it's better to put good/decent/OK shows to rest. I am looking forward to the finale though -- I don't rule out meteors crashing, a deadly swine flu epidemic, or Annie waking up yet again to find out it all has been a dream. Oh and Prince Jackson. We'll always have West Bev!

"90210" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.