The Power of One

05/20/2013 06:18 pm ET Updated Jul 19, 2013

Throughout the tumultuous history of our nation, the power of one man's or one woman's voice has permeated across the land and inspired others to bring about change to improve the quality of life for the masses. Historians have documented the influence of men like Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and female leaders such as Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks who rose to the occasion and shed light on civil inequalities, resulting in significant improvements in the rights of others. As Americans, we have relished this diverse and rich history with great fervor and commitment to protect our freedoms and take satisfaction in our ability to do so. This segment of notable men and women served as wonderful role models who informed our nation and stood against adversity in the name of us all. 

Sometimes, a lone voice rises from an unknown individual who shouts loud enough to be heard. And in recent weeks, the power of one such voice reached a national audience. It was the voice of a single man who chose to aid another human being in need. In hearing the cries of a woman in distress, he rose to the occasion and responded accordingly. When she was powerless to fight for herself, he acted on her behalf. In a precious moment in time, he chose to champion a cause when others may have turned a deaf ear. As a result of his actions, the lives of three women and a little girl were forever changed for the better. 

In my former career in law enforcement, I was privileged to witness the actions of the brave men and women who served to protect. And in the heat of battle, I was in awe of their deeds. Yet despite the many incidents that were responded to and resolved, I had an expectation for my fellow officers to fulfill their role in a manner befitting their chosen profession.   

As I contemplate the exceptional behavior displayed by one, I do so in acknowledgment of this amazing man. Over these past few months and years, like many, I have watched as other individuals have risen on a singular occasion to help their neighbors in need. And I am reminded that during each instance, it began with the power of one. One man, one woman, one voice ready to protect and defend, for the good of all. In my mind, each of these feats have helped to restore our faith in humanity and hope for a better tomorrow.