07/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What's With Our Obsession with Michelle's Clothes?

Today's news includes a great picture of Michelle working up a sweat in her garden as she tends her veggies. But folks still insist on commenting mostly on what she's wearing. Is that really more important than the amazing fact that a First Lady of the United States believes that growing local food is important and has put her trowel into action on her own lawn?

I really feel badly for Michelle. After 40 years of working to free women from "you are what you wear," we're still trying to slot this amazing, talented, highly educated woman into stupidities like "that pink floral top really doesn't flatter her." She's gardening for heaven's sake! What do you wear when you garden?

As an ecotherapist, I'm just thrilled that the White House has dug up some of their lawn, started a veggie patch and that the first couple care about the health of what they and their kids eat. So many Americans have no clue about where there food is coming from, who grows it, what pesticides might lurk on it, or how it got to their table. We have epidemics of obesity and eating disorders of various kinds in towns all over the country. Much of our food lacks nutritional value because it's been in the air, on oil-guzzling trucks and in distribution centers for days or even weeks before it even arrives in the local supermarket, let alone on our table.

Talk about disconnection from nature! If we don't even understand the importance of the visceral connection between our bodies and our food, we're in big trouble.

So bravo, Michelle! You keep on digging and ignore the mindless twits who have nothing better to do than to criticize your gardening outfits.