05/14/2012 05:34 pm ET Updated Jul 14, 2012

Yum or Yuck? 10 Ways to Lower Your Glycemic Index (Slideshow)

Kathleen Parker's op-ed piece in The Washington Post this week describes "The Sweet Tooth that Spawned an Epidemic." The column seemed spot on until the last paragraph, where she writes:

... eating with such attention to the glycemic index ruins your life. You won't have any friends. You'll spend all your time alone weighing four-ounce cuts of fat-free meat, sautéing spinach and picking flaxseed out of your teeth -- and your children will hate you -- but you'll be thin.

That's crazy talk! It's super easy to eat healthy food. Check out some scrumptious choices in this slide show. Each has a low glycemic index (under 55 on a scale of 100), indicating high-quality carbs that won't skyrocket your blood glucose levels. They'll keep you, your kids, and your many friends healthy, happy, and thin.

Yum or Yuck? 10 low-glycemic food choices

Thanks to the University of Sydney's excellent Glycemic Index site for the GI ratings and facts. The food featured comes from my book, Wildly Affordable Organic, or my website, Cook for Good.