04/22/2015 05:44 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2015

Weighing Yourself Is So Last Year -- 5 Other Ways to Measure Your Health

Tuomas Marttila via Getty Images

I will be honest -- it only takes one look on the scale for me to be sent into an anxiety-ridden mess with low self-esteem for weeks.

With a 5-foot, 4-inch frame, weighing in at 145 pounds, I often used to feel defeated about my weight. I would constantly obsess over getting back to my high school weight of 130 pounds and anytime I saw the scale stray from that weight, I was left feeling not good enough.

While today I feel happy, healthy and truly good in my body, I spent so many years obsessed over that number. For what?

In America we like to measure things. We like transactions. We like to know that if we do "X" then we will get "Y" as a result. And, we certainly love to define both things and people by size, appearance, and financial success.

Weight is just another symbol of measurement in our culture. If we are overweight, we are less than. If we are underweight, we are less than. We have to have the "perfect" look and weight in order to feel a sense of worth. And sometimes even that falls short.

But should weight be the over-arching determining factor in whether or not you are healthy? Should we still be defining our self-worth by a number on the scale? Or, better yet, should we still be defining our health as a number on a scale?

When it comes down to it, weight should be a byproduct of how we view health. Sure, certain numbers can tell us a whole heck of a lot about our health. But numbers can't tell us how we feel emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Numbers cannot tell us how our bodies feel.

So, instead of weighing yourself, I challenge you to measure your health with these other ways:

Energy Level: Do you have increased energy or are you constantly feeling fatigued? Your energy level is a huge indicator of your overall health and well-being. Strive to feel energetic in your body by fueling yourself rather than depriving yourself.

How Do You Really Feel In Your Body?: This is a big one. Make sure to ask yourself how you really feel. It's important to dig deep to understand your bodies unique cravings and needs. Many times, we can be the weight we always dreamed of but still be sick and unhealthy. Always check-in with your health by simply analyzing how you feel in your body.

Digestion: Your health starts in your gut so it's important to make sure it's functioning properly. Is your digestion on track? (This is the technical way of asking, are you pooping frequently?) A key indicator to good health is a healthy digestive tract. So make sure it's properly functioning by fueling your gut with probiotics (Kombucha anyone?), whole grains and whole foods to ensure a healthy gut.

Your Jeans: Women especially lose inches before pounds so, rather than rely on a scale, rely on your jeans for a more accurate reading. How do they fit? Do they feel looser? Or just right? Notice how your jeans fit when you feel your best and aim for that!

Self-Love: Last but not least, how well are you treating or loving yourself? Are you constantly beating yourself up or tearing yourself apart? Negative self-inflicted behaviors can be just as toxic as processed food. It's important to clear your head space and practice self-love because not only does your health depend on it, your body deserves it.