03/09/2012 09:15 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Chase The Green Fairy With Absinthe Cocktails

Absinthe is perhaps the world's most misunderstood spirit.

The anise-flavored, herb-infused liquor was banned in countries around the world soon after the turn of the 20th century, due to the supposedly hallucinogenic effects of wormwood, one of its ingredients.

While the elixir may not actually be psychotropic, we do find it quite delicious. And five years ago this week, it once again became legal to sell in the United States.

Honor that momentous occasion by enjoying some absinthe this weekend. While you can drink it with just water and sugar in a traditional Absinthe Drip, it also makes an intriguing cocktail ingredient. Check out the gallery below for some of our favorite absinthe tipples.

Chase the Green Fairy with Absinthe Cocktails