07/23/2014 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 5 Best Booze Delivery Apps

What's better than hearing a knock on your door and being greeted by a bottle of whiskey? Not much, right? Well, with the latest boom in alcohol delivery apps, that's exactly what's happening.

Alcohol delivery isn't a new concept. Liquor stores, especially those in close proximity to college campuses, have been doing it for years. However, ordering through a phone app is new. Everything from liquor, beer and wine to mixers, cups and ice are being delivered to casual patrons and dedicated partiers everyday. Unfortunately, they're only available in major cities so far.

Use one of these five apps when your party runs out of alcohol or when the weather outside just isn't cooperating. Think of these apps as the taxis—or Uber—for alcohol.

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The 5 Best Booze Delivery Apps

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