12/02/2011 07:10 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2012

Children's Books Parents Either Love Or Hate

(This is one of a series of posts in the Parentlode Book Club. You can also find a list of apps that help kids love to read or suggestions about what books they might like based on what they already love, or any of the other Bookclub offerings about how to help your children love to read).

The best books for young children are those that their parents also find charming. After all, children being lovers of repetition, you are likely to read any given book to them 97 million times. So it helps if you love it too.

Which brings us to the subject of children's books that parents hate. As I have learned writing about parenting over the years, we develop intense opinions and some dysfunctional relationships with the stories we read (or refuse to read) to our children every night.

Want to start an argument at preschool pickup? Mention any of the below. Click through and vote to let us know whether you love or hate them.


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