09/24/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Nov 24, 2013

Ladies, Here's How to Find Love Based On The ABC Hit Show, Scandal

I was a bit slow to catch onto Scandal. Everyone was talking about it, so I decided to take the plunge and bought season 1 on iTunes. Whether or not you're a Scandal fan, there is a lot to learn from the characters in this show when it comes to finding and keeping men and relationships in your life.

We'll begin with President Fitzgerald Grant. Fitz is the perfect bad boy. He's handsome, he went to the best schools and he's led a very pampered life. He's masculine and charismatic as this country's president and nothing is more attractive to women than a powerful man.

Instinctually, a bad boy knows what to say to make a woman feel cared for. Even with divorce on his mind, Fitz stayed by his wife's side, encouraging her with the endearing words she needed to hear as she gave birth to their son.

Fitz, typical of a bad boy, believes the grass might be greener elsewhere when it came to love, so he begins a torrid affair with a woman who fixes the problems of Washington and the world, Olivia Pope.

Olivia falls madly in love with this bad boy and an exciting relationship ensues, based on chemistry and her ability to challenge his mind. Rarely do you see them share anything beyond their addiction to each other or the state of the country.

When this chemistry-filled relationship gets put on hold, Olivia takes up once again with an old flame of hers, Senator Edison Davis. What she does right with this man is she lets him pursue her.

And like most men, he's interested in having sex with her ASAP. Ladies, sex is what bonds a man to you. As the two of them stand at her door saying good night, Olivia clearly expresses her boundaries when it comes to having sex on a first date. Not happening!

In the end, Olivia gives up her good man to wait for her presidential bad boy to divorce his wife. Saying goodbye to Edison, she shares these words, "Love should be painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, and extraordinary."

What she doesn't realize is she's described the Oxytocin chemical high she gets every time she and her bad boy come together or think of each other. She's so addicted that she can't see she's attracted to the chemical reaction she feels, not the real guy. FYI... love should be easy, not painful.

Then we have Mellie, Fitz's wife. Mellie is the type of woman who will do anything to keep her man and her ambition alive. She gave up her career as a lawyer to support her husband's climb to the top and she'll do anything to keep him there.

Women sacrificing and turning themselves into pretzels to please men is nothing new. It's in a woman's DNA to do whatever it takes to hang onto the man who will keep both she and her children safe and protected.

Next, we have Cyrus, the president's right-hand man. Cyrus is in a relationship with a reporter who covers the news from the White House. This relationship is doomed from the start because Cyrus can't be honest with his partner.

He's of the opinion that he knows what's best for his partner, so he lies and manipulates to keep his partner safe. While Cyrus is gay on Scandal, there are plenty of heterosexual men just like him who love playing the role of God.

Finally, there's Abby. She falls in love with a really good man, David Rosen. He's typical of the "nice guy" so many women pass up for not having the savvy and charm bad boys like Fitz have.

Whereas Fitz is a narcissist who is all about Fitz, David is the kind of man who would be there for you as a knight in shining armor ready to save the day for you if you let him.

So, there you have it. The characters of Scandal, playing out what you face everyday as you look for your true love in dating.

Who are you in this drama? And which type of man would you like... the bad boy Fitz; Cyrus, the man whose actions reflect his opinion of what's best for you; or David, the nice guy who may not have the charm and finesse of Fitz, but will be there for you when you need him?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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