01/28/2016 03:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

25 Reasons Why the F-Bomb Is Appropriate At Times

Naturally, when my children were younger, I tried to use the nicest language. I tried to never use profanity and to always keep my cool. As life would have it, that did not always go as planned. There were definitely moments when the F-bomb would accidentally sneak out of my mouth. Other times, it would accidentally come screaming out of my mouth.


Now that my children are practically adults (actually one of them is), I find that I am still watching what I say. By the time kids are teenagers they have heard those 'no-no words' and know that someone must be pretty darn mad if they use them.

Moms are not perfect and life is not perfect and things can happen that can make your irrationally upset. Consequently, I have come to realize that there are definite reasons why dropping an F-bomb should be considered appropriate.

Here are 25 excellent examples:

1. When your washing machine breaks mid-cycle.
2. When someone butts the line at Target. Why are there never enough cashiers working?
3. When you forget your credit card at the restaurant you ate dinner at the night before.
4. When you forget your Uber account password.
5. When the ATM machine does not spit out your cash like it's supposed to.
6. Right after you hang up the phone with your child's teacher.
7. When you cut yourself shaving your legs.


8. When there is fraud activity on your credit card and they need to cancel the card as a result.
9. When you have to contact all of the companies that you've set-up an automatic payment to and give them the new credit card information.
10. When your television did not record something you were waiting to watch all week.
11. When you realize you may have said something inappropriate to your spouse's boss at the annual holiday party.
12. When you have to call any airline company for any reason.
13. When your flat iron breaks.


14. When you burn yourself on the oven attempting to make a new dish for your family that they most likely will not appreciate or even like.
15. When your computer crashes.
16. When a friend from high school posts an old and embarrassing photo of you on Facebook.
17. When there are more than two cars in front of you in the drive-up window at CVS.
18. When you cannot fold the fitted sheets for your bed.
19. When your new shoes from Zappos arrive and they don't fit well.
20. When you cannot possibly help with (or even understand) your child's math homework anymore.
21. When you're home alone for an hour and your television won't turn on.
22. When your child burns microwave popcorn and the whole house smells like burnt popcorn for 5 days.


23. When you lose one of your favorite earrings.
24. When you break a wine glass that's full of red wine.
25. When you cannot re-create the same hairstyle that your hairdresser did for you just two days prior.