06/13/2014 04:19 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

The Truth About Single Moms

Since I have been swimming in the dating pool, I've encountered some shark-infested waters. These women-eating-fish have devoured some of my fellow mommy friends by preying on the fact they have kids. I've actually heard men say, "Single moms are super easy." It may be true that we will hook you on our line quicker for a date, as we don't have much time when the kids are away, but it doesn't mean you won't get thrown back in the lake just as fast. So here's the truth about us single moms:

1. We are stronger than we look and we can kick you out of our lives a lot faster than the single girl who doesn't have her kids to think about. As soon as we see you are a drunk, a gambler, a liar, or just have bad habits in general, you are out. No second chances. We won't put our kids in any harms way and if we think you may be a bad influence, you will be cast away for good.

2. We are a lot more fulfilled than you think. Sure, we may get horny, but we won't cling to you just because you gave us an orgasm. Our vibrators can do the same thing and without the fear of STD's, but it's fun to occasionally kiss a dude. That is the one thing a vibrator can't do, that and talk, which is why we do want to find a companion that doesn't need batteries.

3. We know what we don't want from a mate. We just divorced him. So unless you are pretty much the opposite of what we just left, you are not marriage material. Don't panic that we are picking out our wedding dress after the first date. Been there, done that, and if we didn't learn from our past, shame on us.

4. We don't need another dad for our kids. You won't have to be an insta-dad just because you are dating a woman with children. In fact, most moms I know, including me, won't introduce any guys to our kids unless it's so serious that we put our reels away and have stopped luring all other fish. There's no point in having kids meet anyone who could swim right out of their lives.

5. Single moms don't need to be rescued. They just need an escape from kid play-dates to mommy play-dates on occasion. We are full time caregivers who want to be carefree when the kids are with their dads. It's fun to go out to a dinner where they don't have plastic cups or paper placemats.

Single moms are just like all the other girls you are dating, but more mature since we had to grow up when we had our own babies. Although we have unconditional love from our kids, eventually, we do want a romantic connection with someone. If that person turns out to be great and is open to the possibility of sharing a life together, even better.

Don't be the guy who thinks it's fun to manipulate women who spend most of their time at after- school activities. It's not bottom feeding to date single moms, as we are strong, caring, loving people. Dating is the act of getting to know someone and that's all we want, to get to know you and make sure that you're not a scary shark, but a friendly, fun loving dolphin.