08/07/2012 01:28 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

Playing House

Every year in my house we wait patiently for a new season of Big Brother where it is shark versus shark in the cutthroat competition. House guests are pitted against one another to vie for a cash prize and bragging rights as last house guest standing. Strategy and relationships get put to the test when houseguests are thrown through the loop in both physical and mental challenges. Each season comes with a twist and a few curve balls, which have included the use of secret partners, twins, family, and beyond. This season Big Brother puts house guests to the test with the use of coaches who are actual former show players. House guests' fate seems to lie not just in their own hands this season, but in the hand of a mentor which can be a double edged sword. Will this twist that Big Brother has cast upon house guests be a blessing or a curse, well, that depends on the player.

Two of some of the best former game players in Big Brother history, Janelle Pierzina and Mike Malin, are currently mentoring a new set of house guests along with two other former players (Britney Haynes and Dan Gheesling). All four have had quite the mixed results so far. Not only are the former players mentoring, they are competing in various coaches challenges that can help them secure safety for someone on their team or switch a player on their team for someone else's. Egotism, strategy, and arrogance have gotten the better of the coaches at times already this season, and we're only just a couple of weeks in. Coaches need to remember they hold not just their own fate in their hands, but that of people who can pick up where they left off in their previous gaming. Shockingly, or not, a new potential twist has put everything back to square one. Show host, Julie Chen, has announced that "America's vote" has returned and with it brought the possibility and realization of those former players coming back and playing on their own. This also means some have a chance at redemption for their previous lackluster performances and careless mistakes, and some have another chance at being crowned the winner for the first or second time. All of the former players are in new positions in life, they are older then they were when originally playing, and they see the game through new eyes. What will this mean though for the players who have been confiding in their coaches for weeks?

If the new players are smart, they will target the former house guests, because if they ever thought of them as an ally, they should have seen this coming. Big Brother can at times be a game of chance, so they should have thought of any and all possible scenarios! After all, one of the tag lines from the beginning of the show has been "expect the unexpected." Britney never was a cunning game player -- and neither was Dan. Now these two may be sitting ducks. If Mike and Janelle team up, there could be no stopping these major power players! If Mike and his famous partner in crime Dr. Will (Kirby) were double trouble, just imagine the possibilities with him and Janelle in charge. With the big reveal that has already had many consequences and repercussions, season 14 of Big Brother will heat up even further! Tides will turn and new powers will be on the rise. How you can adapt your game at a drop of a dime will prove what kind of player you really are?

Manipulation, conniving, backstabbing, gossip, and double dealing take center stage every episode of Big Brother. In season 14, this stands out even more now that it seems the coaches may be poised to be individual players once again. Love them or hate them, players are going to play, and this season is about to get even juicier!