01/31/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2012

Cashing in on Laughs

They may be referred to as "two broke girls," but Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have both proven that they are extremely rich in comedy, chemistry and charisma. These two ladies may live a meager life on this hit Monday night show on CBS, but in reality, the two actresses provide viewers with an abundance of laughs weekly which makes the viewers the wealthy ones. Monday nights are flush with funny when these two ladies are front and center!

While Dennings, who plays Max, has quite the extensive acting background, Behrs, who stars as Caroline, comes fresh from being a nanny as well as having starred in a few small TV spots prior to her success on Two Broke Girls. Even with a smaller body of work, Behrs makes up for it for the overflowing talent as a natural comedian with her ease and sharpness in line delivery. The banter between Dennings and Behrs is a strong suit of theirs and the two get fantastic creative support from side actors like Garrett Morris who plays cashier and musician Earl, Jonathan Kite as the misogynistic and perverse cook Oleg, and Matthew Moy who plays the naïve but diligent diner owner Han. This well rounded, talented cast has made magic of Monday nights and it helps ease the pain of the work week blues. Dennings can captivate and steal an entire scene with a look, smirk or eyebrow raise. She's got comedy down to a beautiful science and it's a subject that she's most definitely well versed in. Having starred in hilarious projects such as The 40 Year Old Virgin, The House Bunny, and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, she's a veteran at timing and precision. Her powerful presence and demeanor alone can send viewers into fits and belly aches full of laughter. While at times Max and Caroline may seem down on their luck and downtrodden, they manage to keep a stiff upper lip and work out issues together, instead of falling into the trap of what could be the trite female friendship situations of bitchiness. What Max lacks, Caroline makes up for, and visa versa. It's wonderful to see two female leads that are no shrinking violets.

Besides the incredible chemistry, the recipe for laughs these ladies serve up weekly continues to dazzle, courtesy of the stellar writing staff for the show, even when the witty repartee that Max and Caroline say have them taking pot shots at hot topics or stereotypes that may be off limits or inappropriate for some. One of the writers helming the throne for 2 Broke Girls is creator/comedian Whitney Cummings who not only does this double duty for this show, but for her own show, Whitney as well. The writing for both programs shows that Cummings has a flair for creating and showcasing strong, no-nonsense female characters. Instead of writing Max and Caroline as trying to one up one another, Cummings and the writing staff on 2 Broke Girls prove that two leading ladies can work hand in hand and be, in a way, almost like sisters. Max and Caroline know how to fight fire with fire, but at the end of the day their goal of one day owning and running their own bakery, and their continued friendship, keeps everything cool.

Mondays are hard enough to get through when it comes to jumping back into the work week after a cushy, fun filled weekend. 2 Broke Girls makes Monday nights something to look forward to after a long day, because when you watch, you can unwind knowing that you'll be plush with laughter and must-see endearing moments when you watch. After tuning in to just one episode your motto just might be, "If it ain't 'Broke,' don't try to fix it!"