04/06/2013 05:05 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2013

Just What the Doctor Prescribed

Tuesday nights you need to write yourself a prescription for hit FOX show The Mindy Project. Make sure you follow doctor's orders because this prescription is a guaranteed cure for whatever is ailing you! Mindy Kaling's at the helm of this charismatic show based around her vivacious character Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a single and boy-crazy gynecologist. Lahiri is juggling her career while trying to navigate single life, and for Mindy, nothing is an easy feat. Thankfully, she has a lot of misguided help and support from her friends/coworkers. What makes this not your average ensemble is that every character and actor showcases hefty comedy chops and chemistry. You don't get just one stand-out star, you get a handful. And that's what ultimately makes this show work and gel so well, everyone is a piece which creates a hilarious and well crafted comedy. With The Mindy Project you get endless hearty laughs and a lot of zany attempts at navigating life as we know it.

Kaling's team of funny and fearless friends make episodes of The Mindy Project a group effort of epic magnitude. Ed Weeks, Anna Camp, Chris Messina and Ike Barinholtz all help keep the laughs coming and bring endless support to Kaling's highly quotable and charismatic character. Weeks and Messina provide plenty of eye candy too, but the banter these boys bounce off one another as Dr. Jeremy Reed and Dr. Danny Castellano oozes with sarcasm and disdain; I love every minute of it. Barinholtz's offbeat, but good-natured Nurse Morgan could have a spinoff show of his own. His quirky and awkwardness come off as spunky and saucy, which makes him highly lovable. Anna Camp, as Mindy's best friend, plays well off of Kaling, and you can see the camaraderie and genuine affection these ladies have for one another. My only qualm is that Kaling doesn't spend enough time with Camp. She's only in a handful of episodes with small screen time, but the two make the most of their sparse scenes. Viewers are introduced to outside work female friends of Lahiri's, but they are not given a chance to get to know them on a deeper level. The show is mostly based around Lahiri's coworkers, so why are we introduced to other friends if they will not become a fuller focus or integrated more into the core dynamics? Regardless, Lahiri is flanked with friends ready and willing to do anything they can for her, and that type of consistent support is rare on television these days.

What's also wonderful about this cheeky program is that Kaling's oddball guide to dating, which includes mishaps, misunderstandings and mistakes hits home in real ways. Dating disasters occur, and while you may not want to look at Lahiri as a love guru, she certainly provides comedy, tragedy, and all the elements you look for in a dating wing woman. The Mindy Project is like the viewer gets a little bit of Sex and The City spliced with Scrubs. You get flirty and fun mixed with humor and calamity all at high-octane levels. Kaling even knows how to bring the heavy-hitting guest stars too, having locked in the likes of Seth Rogen, Common and Eva Amuri this season. Not to mention she has not left out some of her former The Office costars such as BJ Novak, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms. The power this program emanates is megawatt!

Another great tug of war stems from the push-and-pull chemistry between Lahiri and Castellano's characters. Often times when watching I want to yell at my television screen for Danny to man up and hook up with Mindy already! They have passion, heat, and and plenty of tension between them. With the amount of times that the two spend arguing with one another, it appears that may be just a matter of time before these two finally give in. Some of the best and long-lasting relationships start out with two people as friends and then friendship ends up blossoming into a full on hardcore romance. The first season of The Mindy Project is still in full effect, and you just never know what may happen.

Mindy brings a fresh new vibrancy to friendship, working relationships, and Tuesday night television. The show fits hand-in-hand with hit FOX comedy New Girl and batting cleanup for the evening. The Mindy Project shows women in their natural habitat and how they can be independent, vulnerable, and tenacious all in one package. Every day life may be hard to navigate, but with Mindy and her exceptional cast of characters and humor, your life will point you in a new direction. With The Mindy Project, you need to learn to let go, and expect the unexpected. You can get by with a little help from Mindy and her fabulous friends. They say that laughter is the best medicine, well, the cast of The Mindy Project are the doctors with the perfect prescription.