05/02/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2012

Something to Talk About

I am never home during the day to watch any of the regular rag tag, cookie cutter talk shows like The Chew or Live With Kelly, and I don't mind. I have never been interested in the news or the latest book going around the book club circuit. The topics are always the same, the guests the same, and the segments are always the same. On April 19, the way I viewed talk shows changed when the new show Kathy premiered, and I couldn't be more thankful!

Kathy Griffin has undoubtedly been at the top of my list of people who can make my sides and my cheeks hurt from both smiling and laughing. She is brash and never afraid to tell anyone what is on her mind no matter what, or who the topic centers around. With Kathy, she gets almost carte blanche when it comes to the gift of gab and Bravo is capitalizing on that in a major way. Griffin can dish juicy stories about scandalous celebrities and the popular actors and actresses that have a never ending fashion do's or don'ts and reality star train wrecks. Like many viewers I eat it up with heaping spoonfulls. I can't get enough of Griffin's crass, but fantastically funny snarky stories and anecdotes! Whenever I would watch her previous show, My Life On The D List, or any of her TV show specials, time seemed to fly by so quickly. With her new show Kathy, that very same feeling fills me. One hour with Kathy and she will have you under her spell.

Another perk about the new show Kathy is that Griffin gives her frank, and often hilarious, take on weekly programs across the network boards and she does it with a panel of seemingly average Joes. Recently, she had her neighbor on as well as friend Lance Bass' assistant, she's even had members of her own staff as panelists. There is no one there trying to hock or promote a product or project, they are all simply there to enjoy themselves and comment on items in the news or on television. Griffin even features her own mother, Maggie Griffin, in a segment with just the two of them together. Whether they are talking about wine (Maggie's favorite subject), Kathy playfully ribbing her mom, or exploring the neighborhood where the show is filmed, the two have a sweet and endearing relationship that really hits home for fans.

Nothing that Kathy ever does is average or ordinary, it's always outside of the lines, and that's her signature. Vivacious and brazen, she's never one to back down from telling people the way it is, and that's most definitely the sign that you're not watching your regularly scheduled talk show. What also helps is the nighttime time slot that Kathy occupies with a 10 PM air time Thursday nights on Bravo. Let's face it, our days can be filled with stress and lots of obstacles. So, having a talk show at night to give you one last laugh before bed time, that's worth tuning in for. Not only does the later time slot allow for more laughs, it provides the platform for Griffin to continue to say whatever she wants including a curse word or two. Although it may be bleeped, you still get the idea of what she's saying, and you definitely can't use expletives during your normal day time talk show. All of this is exactly why fans tune in weekly and then some.

While the show may be still getting its sea legs, it's undoubtedly must see TV that will have me as a weekly viewer. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and Kathy Griffin's new talk show Kathy is the cure!