01/17/2012 05:04 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

Laying Down the Law

Grit, heart, and reality take center stage every episode of the devilishly dramatic show Southland. The show that keeps viewers' hearts pounding all episode long is coming back with all new episodes that will up the ante and bring the drama! While Southland may be criminally overlooked by award shows, it certainly isn't by loyal fans who don't want to be without this show for too long. Starting out airing on NBC for one season, this hypnotic high energy program really kicked into high gear when picked up by TNT for more unstoppable action!

TNT Network's slogan is "We Know Drama," and clearly snagging the roller coaster ride that is Southland solidifies this. Drama is at its finest when it is being given to you by the core cast of this powerful program. Michael Cudlitz helms a breathtaking cast of standout actors who bring strength and presence to their characters. As ailing and forlorn veteran Officer John Cooper he continues to be achingly harrowing and human by keeping fans invested in his character. Following John's trip to rock bottom, Cudliz had viewers emotionally connected to this heartbreaking storyline. Rebounding from his stint in rehab, and after necessary back surgery, Cooper is back and even more badass than ever! Regina King is a firecracker as Detective Lydia Adams who seems as unlucky in partners as she is in love. As the dedicated and determined Lydia, King breathes life into a compelling and deep character. Another standout actor from this phenomenal show is Shawn Hatosy who plays Detective Sammy Bryant. After the death of his partner to gang violence, Hatosy's stunning and spellbinding portrayal as an officer thrust into torment and sorrow propelled last season. Further tearing at Bryant's heart was his wife's infidelity and the birth of his son. Taking on the responsibility of caring for his partner's family, Sammy struggles to deal with his life seemingly falling to shambles. Ben McKenzie excels in the role of Officer Ben Sherman who last season finished up his rookie training with Cooper. This season Sherman has a new partner in Sammy and the dynamics of the police department have been shaken up. The inclusion of veteran actor C. Thomas Howell and a guest starring role by Lou Diamond Phillips will continue to help this show push boundaries. With the new addition of Lucy Liu to the cast as an officer with a video of a failed arrest gone viral on YouTube, this show is going to continue to cement itself as must see TV.

Never one to shy away from troubling topics, Southland focuses on the dirty, grimy, dangerous crimes and unspeakable acts. Every day is a new day in LA and these police officers serve and protect in the name of the law. What may seem like an innocent traffic stop may turn out to be just one small part of an elaborate case that unfolds throughout the episode. Minute by minute this show takes you in depth into what the crime is and uncovering the who, what, when, where, why, and how to bring about justice. Unlike the procedural shows that may be fleeting, this show showcases a provocative and voyeuristic look at solving crimes which leaves the viewer in the know from start to finish.

Southland is a wild ride that keeps the twists, turns, and realism coming for sixty full minutes. This show will keep you riveted and your thirst for drama fully quenched! Strap on your seatbelt and buckle up because Southland will leave your heart in your throat and sweat dripping from your brow. Be sure to write yourself a ticket for this thriller because this is one ride along for which you'll need a bullet-proof vest!