02/27/2013 07:03 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2013


It's always heartbreaking when you have to say goodbye. It's never easy and somehow it always ends up ugly. Just like a breakup, when you have to bid farewell to one of your favorite shows it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. You're never ready for it, most of the time you don't see it coming, and other times it has just comes down to it being time to just let go. The shows you have come to love for so many years just aren't standing up to the test of time like they used to. Seventh Heaven had an 11-season run, which truly has been unprecedented, while Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons. Fringe just took its final bow after five gripping seasons, while it was just announced after four seasons Drop Dead Diva was cancelled and Alphas as well after two. Trials and tribulations in shows may come and go, but the love and passion fans have for their favorite program is everlasting. USA Network's show Psych has long been a fan favorite, but with the semi-recent announcement of it being renewed for a season eight filled with only eight episodes, as opposed to its usual 16, fans have been moving and shaking in order to keep the devilish duo of Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) continued fixtures on their televisions.

They may not be your traditional tough team of investigators, but that's exactly why fans love them! With the Law & Order and CSI franchises and other straight-laced programs being bountiful, Psych showcases an eccentric and, more often than not, slapstick look at crime investigation. The tag line of the show for years has said it all, "Fake psychic, real detectives." The funny thing is about the show, everything is actually real. There are real friendships, real humor, real chemistry, and real love of craft showcased in every episode. No wonder fans have lined up year after year at Comic Con to get a glimpse of this colorful core cast of band of brothers and sisters. Sixteen episodes year after year have given this show a chance to showcase what fans love about this endearing cast and crew; their heart. With eight episodes ahead for season eight, fans are woeful that Psych may be on its way to retirement and they are whole-heartedly not ready to let it go.

Psych has a long-standing history of being one of the most fan interactive shows, which is a true rarity for television these days. Every episode fans are challenged to "find the pineapple" which involves sleuthing for the hidden fruit that has been a continued show gag. Contests to come up with tag lines and their very popular Hashtag Killer detective game had fans interacting via USA Network's website for the show with fans playing along with Shawn and Gus helping to solve a case. The Twitter presence the cast and crew have is resounding and adds to giving fans a wonderful inside look at the show by providing a plethora of inside information on episodes and answers to fans most pressing questions. It is no wonder that fans live and breathe for this show that is a nonstop roller coaster ride of hilarity and drama. At the beginning of February the network began promoting season seven of Psych by having an interactive slumber party for fans. This highly successful strategy kicked up ratings, social media chatter and online presence through games, airing fan favorite episodes, special GetGlue check in stickers and much more! Psych clearly has the willpower and the strength of its beloved Psych-os to keep the show around for years to come.

No matter what is thrown at Shawn and Gus, the two have remained constant companions and the butt of each other's jokes. It seems that humor has continued off screen throughout the show's phenomenal run as well! Psych has also been riddled with pop culture references, creative and cunning story lines that have tickled the fancy of fans and kept them in stitches. The continuation of the Yin and Yang and fan favorite Despereaux has titillated and tormented viewers and all in one crazy balance. Heightened situations infused with sidesplitting quips and cut downs, it's quite the deadly combination that James Roday and Dule Hill have perfected to an art. Psych has come to be an exuberant hodge podge of laughs, gaffes, guffaws and it all keeps viewers on the edge of their seats week after week.

It's all too easy to see why fans would have a hard time whenever the show and cast does take their final bow. Endearing characters, some if the most hilariously quotable lines, and the natural camaraderie by all who are involved add up to what makes Psych a fan favorite. Season seven is about to premiere tonight, and with it comes a mixed bag of emotions over what is to become of Psych. While the episode count may be shorter in season eight, we can guarantee there will be no shortage of laughter from those who will tune in making it that much more difficult should it be time for Psych, and it's beloved cast and crew, to sing their swan song. Psych has broken the mold on procedural programs and will leave a phenomenal legacy and a huge hole to fill. With season seven set to air, make sure you savor all of the delicious flavor of Psych!