03/09/2012 12:24 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Reality TV Wars

There is a reality TV war that is going on and our televisions have been besieged -- the new onslaught of reality TV programs revolving around storage lockers, parking places and tickets, cargo boxes, shipping items, and more! You're either a junkie for these programs or you find them the lowest on the food chain. For me, I can't get enough of these addicting shows that pit competitor against competitor, citizen against government employee or time or acts of nature against driver.

What starts with one show quickly doubles because these shows are packed with adrenaline and quirky characters. What makes programs like Storage Wars or Storage Wars: Texas so addicting is the fact that these are Average Joe's who find miraculous treasures in what may seem like rubble. In some instances these individuals can pay a couple of hundred dollars for a locker full of what looks like garbage or junk, and dig out thousands of dollars worth of treasures doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling their investments. Programs like Parking Wars capture viewers attention with the hairy situations that arise from citizens doing battle with government employees over parking ticket violations. While the employees work on car booting there is a race to get the boot on the car before an angry citizen comes to move the car or throw a fit! Shipping Wars pits drivers in a heated race against time in order to get their items delivered on time and intact! These skilled road warriors face challenges that pop up left and right that may be blind-sided by wind, rain, other vehicles, or even police officers! While these drivers may be in a hurry, they still have to abide by the rules of the road!

Why do we spend hours upon end mindlessly watching these programs? The reality voyeurism that allows us to be a fly on the wall, or sometimes car dashboard, that gives viewers the feeling they are in the heat of the battle. What's also great about these shows is the unknown. You never know what is going be unearthed in a storage container, or hearing the back story of the newly found item that may very well lead to a big bounty, or even who will flip out after having to wait in line to pay the fines on their vehicle, or if something will get damaged on the drive to its destination. It's also exciting when something does break or the car breaks down because viewers get to see drivers work on the fly in order to try and keep their product in-tact and their time on track. With no real tools in their possession, drivers have to think on their feet and keep costs down in order to make a decent profit. Even when bidders go toe to toe with others, you never know if a slugfest will break out and fists will fly over a purchase. Bidding wars and tempers flaring can make it a true fight to the finish! Relationships and friendships become tested when it becomes a war of words or dollars.

The almighty dollar can torture many the soul whether it's paying up for a hefty parking ticket, having to pay for a locker you got suckered into or shucking out for gas when your tank goes empty suddenly. When it comes to war, are there really any rules of etiquette? The famous quote, "All is fair in love and war" truly says everything.