01/12/2012 06:16 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2012

The Heat Is On

It's getting hot in here! The heat is rising and so are the laughs whenever I tune in to an episode of Hot In Cleveland. This TV Land gem has smitten viewers since day one with the phenomenal and effervescent cast, the side splittingly funny writing and dialogue, and the undeniable chemistry that this show exudes no matter what situation these manic ladies find themselves in!

Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Betty White have struck gold in Hot In Cleveland. The show has proven to be a vehicle that gives each one an extraordinary moment to shine in every episode be it storyline, dialogue or expression. Plus, with four strong standout women, there is absolutely one character that you can relate to or find a relatable quality in. It's no surprise these high quality females are burning up, each one comes from a glorious acting and sitcom background. Leeves is beloved from her role as Daphne from Frasier, Wendie Malick is adored from her role as Nina on Just Shoot Me, Betty White from multiple sitcoms including The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls, and Valerie Bertinelli with treasured shows One Day at a Time and Touched by an Angel. If you weren't already a fan of these ladies, one episode of Hot In Cleveland will introduce you to their talents and well oiled comedic timing, which will absolutely solidify you as a fan.

What's also to love about the show is the fact that the characters come from a land of superficiality, Los Angeles, and move to Cleveland so that they can be adored for their natural beauty. While there are plenty of shows where women want to improve themselves through plastic surgery and other procedures, these ladies show that natural is still admired. Beauty may be in the eye of beholder, and these ladies truly are a lovely sight to behold. In a time where it seems that aging gracefully seems to be on the way out in favor of a nip and tuck, the cast of Hot In Cleveland proves that beauty is au natural!

Guest stars have also played a magnificent role in perfecting the laughs on Hot In Cleveland as they continue to be used in a smart and playful way. They are integrated in so seamlessly that it makes you wish they were a part of every episode! Charming and charismatic stars like Sherri Shepherd, Susan Lucci, John Schneider, Doris Roberts, Carl Reiner, and Amy Sedaris have all made appearances on the show. Even more exciting is the fact that so many of the cast's former co-stars have made guest appearances as well. Jane's former Frasier co-stars Peri Gilpin, Millicent Martin and John Mahoney have appeared in various episodes. Wendie's former Just Shoot Me co-star Laura San Giacomo and Valerie's One Day at a Time co-star Bonnie Franklin have also sparkled as guest stars in show episodes. No matter who lands in Cleveland, the show always rocks, and that is a tell tale sign of longevity in any program.

TV Land has been a ball of fire with other sensational shows like the Fran Drescher helmed Happily Divorced" the George Segal and Jessica Walters captained Retired at 35, and the new addition of The Exes featuring sitcom veterans Kristen Johnson, Donald Faison and Wayne Knight. Marrying these shows with Hot In Cleveland has been an art form that this network has most definitely mastered and perfected. When you ache for shows that will leave you in a fit of laughter, you need look no further than TV Land, because they are guaranteed to heat up your nights!