01/15/2015 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Former abused dog receives the best day ever with rescue mom

Susie, a mutt, in 2009 was set on fire and left to die by her abusive, and completely evil owner in North Carolina.

Susie suffered third-degree burns on 60% of her body, with a broken jaw. She was fortunately rescued and taken to Guilford County Animal Shelter, where staff worked tirelessly to nurse her back to health.


The dogs current owner, Donna Lawrence, was once attacked by a dog that resulted in stitches and a miscarriage. Ten months after the attack, she and her husband adopted Susie.

Susie is now a therapy dog, working with burn victims, she also helped inspire the Governor of North Carolina at the time, Bev Purdie, to form a bill called Susie's Law. This law toughened penalties for animal abusers in the state, Susie's prior abusive owner was able to get away from animal abuse charges due to crappy laws for animal protection before this bill was introduced.

In honor of Susie's bravery and kindness, and her owner Donna's strong heart, Barkpost gave Susie and her owner a "best day ever" in New York City. They stayed in a hotel filled with Susie's favorite treats and toys, and her adoptive mommy got a day at the spa. Barkpost also donated $1,000 to Susie's Hope, a nonprofit educating others about animal abuse.

"It's not been an easy task to be heard, but Susie has become the voice for many -- not just animals that are abused, but for all of the abused," Lawrence told Mashable. "She has a loving and forgiving spirit, and we can all learn from that."

Animal abuse is a very real problem, laws do not do enough to punish the evil-doers who harm animals, often walking away and continuing with their lives. Reach out to your local politicians, don't take no for an answer, support harsher animal abuse laws, and end this problem now. Don't let there be more victims like Susie.

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