06/16/2015 06:00 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2016

She Flips These Pancakes Over and Reveals the Secret to the Best Breakfast Ever

bhofack2 via Getty Images

By Elyse Wanshel, writer at

Humans have invented some pretty astonishing things, such as the wheel, lasers, and bacon.

Bacon is the best of all breakfast foods. Yet, we don't seem to be satisfied with the delectable strips of porky perfection in their purest form. We feel it necessary to combine bacon with everything from burgers and pizza, to chocolate and cupcakes.

And sure, a sushi roll made out of cheese, beef, and tons of bacon is a true culinary masterpiece but, the best bacon combo in my humble opinion, is simple: bacon and pancakes.

There is no flaw -- flavor-wise -- with a classic pancake and bacon pairing. But don't you feel like both could be immensely improved if they were actually fused together? Like a granola, yogurt, and jam breakfast popsicle, it's always borderline magical when a few delicious ingredients come together to become one amazing thing.

Plus, if you can trap greasy bacon in a fluffy pancake, imagine all the napkins you save!

This easy trick below allows you to do just that. It seems like an obvious thing to do, but chances are, you haven't tried it yet. And if you're a breakfast fan, it's an absolute must! In fact, I'm never making bacon or pancakes the same way again!

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