07/02/2014 02:18 pm ET Updated Sep 01, 2014

Dear Hobby Lobby

Martina Barbist via Getty Images

Dear Hobby Lobby,

I use Birth Control. I don't work for you. Thank God. I mean, not thank God. I don't believe in Her.

I was curious about something. You see, I take a prescription called Loestrin to control a neuromuscular condition that has rocked my world. Loestrin is one of many oral contraceptives on the market today. I woke up to my condition one morning a few years ago. I actually fell out of bed. I was also on my period. More on that in about two seconds.

As I adjusted to life with an undiagnosable Idiopathic Neuropathy, I battled monthly flare ups that would leave me unable to accomplish daily tasks, sometimes even leaving me unable to walk. It quickly became obvious that my flare ups arrived on the same day as my period. And these flare ups were horrible. They took the duration of the month to recover from.

So my Neurologist and I decided to try an experiment. Together (along with the guidance of my Gynecologist) we made the decision to test out a birth control prescription. And miraculously, my flare ups have decreased exponentially. Look, it's not a fairytale. I still flare, this July heat has wreaked havoc on my body. But I am able to accomplish daily tasks. I am able to live my life. I am able to strengthen the muscles and nerves that deteriorated that first year.

My diagnosis does not have a name, but my symptoms often mirror symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and CIDP. And like Multiple Sclerosis, CIDP and other female autoimmune sufferers, we often relapse as our monthly hormones change. And many of us find life-changing relief in a simple oral contraceptive prescription.

That being said, I understand the Supreme Court ruled on IUDs and morning after pills, not oral contraceptives. But we all know what's next...

So here's my question: If I worked for you, would you make an exception for my Loestrin prescription? Because if you didn't make that exception, I would not be able to work for you... not that I want to.

Thank you.

Liz Jackson