05/28/2014 04:41 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2014

Why I'm Petitioning My Favorite Company

It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But J. Crew, I want to change you. I love you most, so it's only you I'm asking. I believe you are the only company who is cool enough to pull this off, aware enough to make it fit, and large enough to have an impact.

And once I've changed you, I want you to to show me what 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" really means. I look forward to watching the dominoes of all other companies who strive to be you, strive to be you.

So I'm petitioning you to sell my cane (No, not my cane. The company who makes my cane has a lot of them, I want you to sell those). I believe that once you start selling my cane, Gap will try to one up you. Perhaps with a set of carbon fiber crutches. Followed then by who knows what. Urban Outfitters prosthetics? I mean it. Alleles prosthetic covers are just waiting to be picked up by a mainstream retailer.

I've been petitioning you for months now. Support is growing. Instead of petition updates, I write letters. Common themes are disability and ability. Fashion and style. Inclusion and design. There's so much to tell you. I could write you forever.

Did you know that baseball mitts used to be seen as a sign of weakness, worn shamefully by injured players. Once players embraced the use of these padded mitts, they completely changed the way the game was played, becoming as integral to the sport as the ball and bat.

It's interesting to consider that the beautiful tone of those tanned mitts may not exist today had it not been for the shame of the first player to be caught wearing one. Charles Waitt chose a flesh colored glove hoping nobody would notice the device on his hand. He didn't want anyone to think he was soft.

And Spalding, the first company to sell baseball gloves, continues to be a dominant force in the market today.

J. Crew, you have the potential to be Spalding. You can be a game changer, helping to boost the worlds of disability, fashion and design. First step? Sign my petition.