09/07/2012 08:06 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

One Million Moms: The New Normal Is All Around You, So Get Used to Us

The One Million Moms are at it again.

Apparently they have nothing better to do -- because every child in America is fully insured, has a belly full of food, goes to a great school, and has a warm, safe place to come home to at night, with parents who have no financial worries at all -- than call for a boycott of The New Normal. You've heard of it, right? It's the new show on NBC, from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, which, according to OMM, will surely shred the very fabric of our decent society like an angry kitten's claws through a catnip-infused gauze pad.

As mothers, you would think OMM would be more responsible in how they talk about other people's kids, and in how their comments resonate with the millions more of us: parents, families, and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people -- and LGBT people themselves -- who are already living the "new normal," or, as we at PFLAG like to call it, family.

Nothing about this show attacks "traditional" families. What it does is expand the general public's understanding of the many different types of families that already exist in their own communities: families with two dads, families with two moms, single-parent families, multigenerational families, multiracial families... you name the type of committed, loving, family, and it probably exists.

So here's our message to OMM: There is a new normal. Look around. Our families, these families, your families are here. They exist. And calling for a boycott of a show that works to expand horizons as it entertains is the social equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and singing "la, la, la!" at the top of your lungs: It doesn't make these families nonexistent; it just makes all of us work harder to be heard.

And to the creators and cast of The New Normal: We have your back... and you have our viewership.

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