07/08/2011 08:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Deckle Fat: The Secret to The Best Burger in NYC

"The flavor of our burger is better than most burgers for several reasons: not just because of our blend of meat, or the fact that we cook them on a cast iron, but our fat content is pretty high too."

In celebration of summertime food, come meet Chef Jeremy Spector of The Brindle Room in Manhattan's East Village, a cozy, charming, neighborhood restaurant that sears up quite possibly, the best tasting burger in New York City.

Chef Jeremy walked me through the design of The Brindle Room burger, explaining in detail what makes them so sought after and so terribly addicting. What comes across instantly, is that Chef Jeremy is passionate about burgers. He believes that, nowadays, you can judge how good a chef is by how good his burger is; which is why he put a lot of thought into concepting his creation. Just watch:

In my opinion, it IS all about the meat. There's something special about the beef in this burger. You can taste it in every bite, and feel the flavor develop with every chew. It's a quality that Jeremy likens to "a fine cheese or good wine" - a special burger blend, butchered just for the restaurant, that's part fresh meat, part aged meat, and part dangerously delicious deckle fat. Truly, a burger for meat lovers. Truly, something that you need to try and devour very, very soon. Trust me. I love a good burger.

The Brindle Room
277 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009

**FYI - this burger is still a little under the radar. So get yourself there now, before everyone finds out!

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