05/16/2013 07:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

White in America

Okay. So, a few years back when Soledad O'Brien did her series "Black In America," I was working with my comedy troupe Shoot The Messenger on Wake Up World, our off-off-Broadway satirical morning show. The premise was we were a six-hour morning show on the world's worst news network, called 24/7.

All the guests on the show, the experts, etc., were dumb shits from other daytime programming of this fictional network.

Wake Up World mirrored all the conventions of morning shows and of cable news and when we went to our fake commercial breaks we would roll in fake network promos of "special reports" or "investigative series" that reflected the self-important spew the "real news networks" were actually churning out. (This one, called "Iraqenactments," about Iraq war re-enactors is still one of my faves.)

Anyhoo, when Soledad decided she would do a series about what it meant to be "Black In America," 24/7 felt this was one more move toward watching white heritage get swept under the rug.

I mean, really, you can barely see white people anymore unless you turn on cable news, walk into a boardroom of a Fortune 500 company or watch C-SPAN.

So as an answer to this steam rolling over white history, we made not one, not two, but three promos for a series that if this network had existed, surely they would have churned it out.

And "White In America" was born.

Cut to five years later, and Soledad O'Brien is actually doing a series called "White In America."

I guess it's an in-depth look at all that white history we never get exposed to. Or something.

It could also be called "Death to American Satire."