03/16/2013 01:12 pm ET Updated May 16, 2013

When You Know That You're Over Your Ex

After divorce, we turn to the people who are near and dear to us for support (and perhaps drive them crazy). Then, we tell everyone that we are over our ex. However, even though we are showing a brave front, everyone knows that we are not really past the split yet.

It takes time to put the pieces back together, and nobody can predict how long it's going to take. Depending on how much time you spent with the person and how it ended, the post-split healing process can be really challenging. But there is no better feeling than when you have come out the other side and put the split -- and the relationship -- behind you. How do you know when you're finally over your ex? Here are seven signs that you have moved on.

You don't talk about your ex anymore: During the split, you probably spoke about your ex a lot with friends and family. When you don't talk about your ex anymore, it is a good sign that he or she is behind you.

You don't mind seeing your ex with someone new: When you see your ex with a new love interest and it doesn't bother you, then you have clearly gotten over him or her. They're now somebody else's problem.

You share holidays: If you and your ex have children, you may end up spending some holidays together. You know you're over the relationship when your ex asks you to pass the gravy on Thanksgiving and you don't feel like throwing it on him or her.

You don't seek them out: We have all Googled an ex after a breakup. But when you stop putting his or her name into the search box and don't really care to know what he or she is doing, you have made it through.

You want to be friends again: When you broke up, you probably de-friended your ex on Facebook. If you have kids together, you may want to friend them again. This is not because you're stalking your ex or want to know everything about him or her; it's actually just because you want to be friends.

You forget to return your ex's calls: When your ex calls you about something and you truly forget to return his or her phone call, you have definitely moved on.

You go back to your old stomping grounds: When you can go back to some of the places you frequented with your ex and you feel nothing, you have made great progress.

What are the signs that you have moved on?

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