04/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Big Brother Flies The Friendly Skies Too

So, I was flying out of New York the other day and was pleased as punch to find I could get a little web surfing done with American Airlines' new partner, Aircell's $12.95 and a few minutes later, I had returned some emails, created a new, absurd Facebook status and caught up on the gossip. Nothing left to do but a little work. So as your friendly neighborhood sex columnist, I went looking for some sex.

But it wasn't there.

Well, let me be more specific. I wasn't looking for entertainment like Lord of the G-Strings or any other such subtle titles. I went to a few sites for plain old sex information. Just a little research. Like But what I got was a screen saying it was not available. (Mind you, this is not a porn site, but an information site.) I tried a few more tried and true sites, thinking maybe the site was down, but no dice. All erased from my inflight web.

But the funny thing is, I could go over to innocent little "lady" sites, like to read about pasta recipes and oral sex techniques. Then I could pop over to to see how Brad and Angelina are fairing, but not before reading about tales of bondage and backdoor love. Even that dirty porn site known as, I can get my jollies learning about female ejaculation, sex toys and the latest fashions that will flatter my figure for the spring.

What about more hard core porn sites? You know, the ones that ask you to click whether or not you are 18 before you enter. Wow, that's some serious security, huh? Sure those are gone, that's a no brainer but some of those pictures you CAN view on sites like FemaleFirst are just as erotic and... naughty. Or a couple of clicks and a little bit of luck can get your boat to float on that all-American Youtube.

And forget going to buy a vibrator while flying the friendly skies... at least GoGoInflight won't let you go the normal, sex toy site route. But hey, who cares, when family friendly Amazon will sell you a rabbit or any other intimate play toy when you're cruising 35,000 feet in the air.

Look, I get the argument that we don't want our children able to view porn on flights.
Although, do you really see a lot of 12-year-olds flying solo with their own computer and Amex card? And no, I don't want to sit next to Mr. Smarmy Dude who's drooling over goat porn. I just want to know where do we draw the line and who's in charge of that line?

I called and emailed Aircell, the company who gives us, to ask them. They never responded.

American Airlines issued the following statement in regards to filtering offensive content:

"While we have not currently experienced any issues with this, we want to be responsive to the feedback of our customers and employees. We are researching potential technology options that would filter pornographic content over the Aircell system."

So you keep researching what's good for me, Mr. American Airlines and Mr. Aircell. I will keep wandering down the wrong paths. The ones right under your nose.