09/25/2012 12:40 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2012

Men Need Angels Too

Many of the men I come across think that angels are silly or frivolous. This is partially a reflection of what modern society has done to angels. Angels are enormously powerful creatures who, throughout history, have been feared, revered and have done massive things. Some people, however, have tried to trivialise angels and turn them into cuddly good luck charms who can deliver parking spaces.

I know the enormous power of angels. I see a guardian angel with every person I meet, regardless of nationality, religion or whether they believe in angels or not. I see the angels physically, as I see someone standing in front of me. Guardian angels are enormous; they dwarf the person they are guarding. They are always ready to battle for the person they are guarding, ready to help them move unneeded obstacles out of their way. Their role is to protect and support the person they guard throughout their life, and they never ever leave them -- that person is their number one priority. When a person chooses to allow their guardian angel to help them, they unleash a major force for good in their life.

And yes, I see a guardian angel behind each and every man I see.

Men are more inclined than women to want to do things on their own. They want to claim success as their own and, in general, would prefer not to acknowledge that God or his angels had any hand, act or part in their success. They also fear to be seen as weak in asking God and his angels for help.

However, I know that if only more men would step down from their high horses a little and ask the angels for help, their lives and our world would be so much better. They would look at life in a more positive, compassionate, just and hopeful way. This would make our world a better place. Men would be stronger, more able to help themselves and more able to help both those they love and those who are weaker than them.

The angels help men (and women of course) anyway but we have all been given free will and they are not allowed to overstep this. Your guardian angel can whisper advice in your ear, but it's up to you whether or not you choose to listen to it. Deciding to suspend your disbelief in angels -- even temporarily -- empowers the angels to help you.

I was in a restaurant recently and watched a group of businessmen who were having lunch as they talked over business. They were surrounded by angels -- I counted 12 in addition to their guardian angels. The angels were constantly whispering in the ears of the businessmen. One of the angels told me that they were making some of the right decisions but not all; they were hearing some of the advice they were being given but were missing much of it. The angel confirmed that none of the businessmen there had asked the angels for help -- if they had done so, I believe, they would have heard the messages much more clearly and they would have been more successful. Doing so would have benefited the men, their business, the employees and the shareholders.

The world needs men to listen to their guardian angels, more so now than at any time in the recent past. This is a time of enormous turbulence and change in our world and the truth is that most of the leadership positions in the world -- political, economic and environmental -- are held by men. It is vital that the correct decisions are made to give us all a good future. Our leaders need all the help they can. We need our leaders to be listening to their guardian angels!

What have you got to lose? You don't have to tell anyone you are doing it. Just acknowledge the possibility that you could have a guardian angel and ask it to help you in all aspects of your life.