06/19/2012 09:30 am ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

Spiritual YA Fiction -- A New Genre?

Do you think spiritual YA fiction is an upcoming genre for writers?

Through Indigo's Eyes is our YA novel due to be released on July 24th with Hay House
Publishing. Hay House is known for their non-fiction spiritual and self-help books but now
they have expanded to include a fiction line. Our novel is fiction but based on the real life of
an intuitive so ... it is a blend of fiction and non-fiction. We know our novel will definitely be
shelved in the "Teen" fiction section at most book stores. But, really, what genre is our book?
The Shack, a spiritual novel written by William P. Young, is another work of fiction that had the
publishing world scratching their heads. Yes, it is a novel too, but with a deep spiritual message.

Here's what we think about this question.

Lorna's predictions: First, I want to say that I write what I'm passionate about and I'm not
so concerned with trends. I feel as a writer that if you follow trends you will always be behind
and not writing what moves you. I wrote this novel because the thought of the project gave me
goose bumps and made my mind tick in this crazy way. But, hey, when vampires are done being
the trend perhaps there will be room for a YA spiritual genre. Who knows? Or maybe it is here
now? I don't know. And I'm not predicting. This is a crazy business and although it is forever
changing there is one thing that always remains consistent -- and that is a compelling story with
strong characters. Indie is a strong character and we have Tara to thank for that. I will let Tara
add her two cents on this question as ... haha ... she is the intuitive one!

Tara's predictions: Lorna, you are too funny! I think that we will see YA spiritual fiction pop
up more and more. I find that our world is becoming more "in tune" and that this awareness of
the spiritual world is expanding over all ages. I keep meeting these amazing young souls who
come into my office and they are far more advanced than I was at their age. They truly see our
world differently and have a deep compassion to make massive changes in this world. I think
that readers are looking to be entertained and looking for something that speaks to them on a
deeper level and can shed some light on explaining the unexplained. I know we've done that in
Through Indigo's Eyes.