03/22/2013 05:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

[Video] Victims of the Unregulated Arms Trade

NEW YORK, Mar 22, 2013 - Control Arms released a chilling video Tuesday that calls attention to the mass atrocities taking place globally due to the lack of rules on the global arms trade.

The video was released to raise awareness and build support for the campaign to create a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), a legal agreement between states to prohibit the export of arms to countries where they would be used to commit human rights abuses.

The ATT would obligate countries to comply with international human rights and humanitarian law when trading weapons.

Control Arms is a campaign run by over 90 organisations that focuses on the need for the world to agree to the Arms Trade Treaty.

The video was released to explain that the lack of regulations in the transfer of arms and ammunition causes conflicts to continue, human rights abuses and is one of the root causes of extreme poverty. It emphasizes how the lack of regulation in the international arms trade puts everyone -- especially civilians -- in the line of danger.

Negotiations began Monday, March 18th at the United Nations with the hopes of putting an end to a trade responsible for the deaths of millions. The diplomatic conference will conclude until March 28th.

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