03/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

For Your Hair's Sake: How to Fight Yucky Weather Conditions

When I came home from dinner last night, the SAG Awards were on TV. I instantly had a flashback to last week's Golden Globes. Usually the Globes have picture-perfect weather. But this year at the Globes, Beverly Hills was drenched with torrential rains. I went by the Hilton Hotel, epicenter of the Globes, early in the day on my way home from the gym. The rain had already started, and the mood was grey and gloomy. There was a chill in the air. It felt more like the perfect day to stay home in sweats than to get dressed for one of Hollywood's most glamorous nights. My heart went out to the actors, handlers, and all the people involved in the production of the event. Everyone had to look ravishing. This was going to be a problematic, tricky situation.

Looking glamorous for the most ephemeral event can be quite difficult. The glitterati who attended the Golden Globes had every advantage. Their entourages included their personal make-up artists, hairdressers, fashion stylists to keep their gowns perfect even in the rain, and of course, umbrella holders. When you or I go to a special event, unfortunately we don't have access to all these people to keep us looking our best. I think it's time to talk about life in the real world.

• Rain and snow are probably the most difficult obstacles to looking glamorous for your own special occasions. There are no guarantees to prevent the sky from opening up, making you look more like a drowned rat than a princess. If it does look like it's going to rain or snow, do your best to go for a professional blow dry. Hairdressers will instantly know the special combination of styling techniques that will work best for your hair. First of all, they have a strong arm to stretch the hair while drying it to help prevent frizzing. Then they will often set your hair in rollers or use a flat iron to give it double protection from the effects of rain. They will use hair spay in layers in combination with every step of the styling process to keep your hair in place without making it look like a wig. If you have curly hair, they will choose the right products to prevent frizz and define your wave.

• Wind can destroy any hairdo in seconds. If you have a hair style that falls into place after the wind blows, you don't have a problem. If that's not the case, wear your hair in a low bun or a casual up do. Use matching colored hairpins and hair spray to hold it in place. If a few hairs stray out of place, don't worry; this will only make your hair look more romantic. Have a mini-bottle of spray in your purse for any hair emergency. Beautiful soft braids can also look great on windy days. Don't make them too tight, or your hair will look firm and set. Even braids should look touchable.

• Humidity can make straight hair go flat or make wavy hair go curly. Curly hair can turn to frizz in an instant on a humid day. The best piece of advice I can give you is not to fight your natural texture on humid days. If you have straight hair, wear it straight. If your hair is curly or wavy, find the style that looks best on you. Use serums, gels, and creams specially made for frizzy hair to maintain control and shape. If your hair does tend to go curly or frizzy and you do not like the look, consider having a Keratin treatment. This is a treatment that will gently relax and condition your hair. It leaves hair with enough body so that you can still wear it wavy, slightly curly, or easily blown out straight in just minutes. The right cut for your texture and face shape is essential to make you always look your best.

As always, my advice is don't fight the battle and win the war. Do your best to be happy with your natural texture. You'll never have to worry about the weather again.

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