01/26/2016 11:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wedding Day Makeup Do's and Don'ts


There are so many things you want to have done perfectly on your wedding day -- seating arrangements, music, catering, decor, etc. So often times, one of the most important things, your makeup, has the potential to be overlooked. But it shouldn't, because of all the time, effort, and love you are putting into your wedding, and there will be pictures that you hope will last a lifetime. There is undoubtedly an art to makeup and its application, and to share some tips on the subject, we teamed up with beauty guru @JessSouthern of Blushington to learn her do's and don'ts for your special day.


The Don'ts

Don't do a glitter or shimmer bronzer. To get the bridal shot you are looking for, avoid glitter, which could throw off the lighting in your photography.

Don't succumb to trends - be original.

Don't go with red if it is not the color you generally use. You want to look back at pictures and feel like yourself, so chose a look that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Don't get a facial within three days of your wedding reception. You don't want fresh, open pores to be covered in makeup just days after the treatment.

Don't have any cosmetic procedure like Botox done in the days before. You never know how your skin will react - bruising, allergic reactions, etc.

Don't use glitter shadow.

Don't apply boldly colored shadow, as it may not be the most tactful for a wedding. A neutral palette will always create a timeless look.


The Do's

Do run a bridal makeup trial before deciding on your final look. This is the perfect way to test your look and make final tweaks. Because (let's face it) not all visions turn into perfect realities.

Do have a test-run of your spray tan three months prior, ideally along with your makeup trial. With a tan, all of your makeup preferences are subject to change.

Do use a foundation even if you don't normally - it will ensure that your face will stay flawless all day long.

Do add lashes! This will make everything on your eyes pop by giving a dramatic yet natural feel.

Do use a setting spray as this will help the longevity of your makeup. Through all of the hustle and bustle of the day, you won't have to be worried about touching up your makeup during photos and throughout the celebration.

Do keep makeup soft and smokey - opt for more natural or subtle pops of color if you want to accentuate your eyes.

Do consider your location - if it's humid, opt for an airbrush foundation which will survive longer.


When it comes down to it, whatever makeup look makes you feel the best is the most important. Paired with these helpful hints, we are certain that whatever final look you decide with create a beautiful wedding day look.


Blushington x Love Detailed

Makeup: Blushington
Photography: Jodee Debes Photography and Vanessa Tierney Photography
Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Dresses: Paper Crown