02/14/2012 11:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who Is Paul McCartney?

After the Grammy Awards, countless Twitter users were stumped at the sight of an older British gentleman singing a song and playing music with a band, prompting them to ask the age old question: "Who is Paul McCartney?"

This is a helpful list of Paul McCartney's many accomplishments over the years.

Who is Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney is a member of the Beatles, the biggest rock band in history.

Paul McCartney is the fourth president of the United States.

In the early 20th century, Paul McCartney created jazz in his backyard.

Christopher Columbus once said of Paul McCartney, "Hey, there's a good guy," and then set sail for the West Indies.

Paul McCartney threw an apple in the air and watched it fall to the ground and realized it was because of gravity.

Thanks to Paul McCartney's vaccines, Polio is far less of a problem than it once was.

In Martin Scorsese's film, The Shining, Paul McCartney plays a mob leader who makes Robert De Niro an offer he couldn't refuse.

Vermont would not have been admitted into the Union if it weren't for Paul McCartney's helpful pamphlets.

Paul McCartney stole home plate in the 1982 World Series, pushing the Detroit Tigers to victory over the New Orleans Saints.

"Now is the winter of our Paul McCartney." - William Shakespeare, from his hit play, 10 Things I Hate About You.

If you need to get gum out of your hair, soak it in Paul McCartney, then wait six hours in the sun. It'll wash right out.

Paul McCartney's historic speech, "The Emancipation Rock Song," ended the Mexican-American War.

Paul McCartney's late night talk show, Tonight with Paul McCartney, paved the way for Jewish comedians on television.

In 1942, Albert Einstein made famous the classic equation: 6 Paul McCartneys - 3 Paul McCartney's = 3 Paul McCartneys

Paul McCartney invented bifocals.

Paul McCartney added Sodium to the Periodic Table of Elements. Before sodium was there, it was just a blank space.

In his hit book, Oliver Twist, Paul McCartney details the plight of British orphans who sing songs like, "Hard Knock Life," and "Music of the Night."

The Suez Canal was named after Paul McCartney's daughter, Suez.

Paul McCartney is the Muppet who wears the top hat and holds the cane.

The French Revolution began when Paul McCartney did not want to eat cake at his friend Ringo Starr's birthday party.

Paul McCartney penned "The New Deal," which set things straight between him and Mick Jagger during the Great Depression.

Preventing the spread of Communism, Paul McCartney rode his horse through the colonies, proclaiming: "The Reds are coming! The Reds are coming!"

It was Paul McCartney's idea to put spikes on top of helmets during World War I, a fashion design trend he sparked during his season on Project Runway.

Paul McCartney is the fourth star in the "Milky Way" constellation, right next to Mars and diagonal from the sun.

In The Hunger Games, Paul McCartney fights the evil vampire President Snow and his collection of wizard children.

Paul McCartney painted "The Mona Lisa," an expressionist sculpture of a bunch of water lilies playing poker in the moonlight.

The speed of sound was broken by Paul McCartney in 1623, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

"We Are All Paul McCartney," said Barack Obama, who is still stuck in the well.