09/25/2012 01:12 am ET Updated Nov 24, 2012

New Media for a New World

Italy and Europe are in economic turmoil. The debt crisis, the exposed Euro and the upheaval of globalization have all combined to threaten the dual pillars of the European way of life since the end of World War II: industrial growth and the welfare state. The world as Europeans and Italians know it is coming to an end. Renewal is the watchword of the hopeful.

Mass unemployment is creating mass discontent while a discredited political class struggles to refashion the social structures of the Old Continent in the face of skepticism and economic pain. It is into this maelstrom that the Huffington Post launches its Italian edition. Our tool is the lean, speedy, and open technology of the Internet.

Our mission is to chart a path through this quickly changing landscape, to observe, chronicle and analyze the transition from the old to the new in politics, the economy and culture. We will focus on facts that will drive the changes in our public policy and our lives. We will elevate the voices of bloggers young and old, well-known and emerging, who will define the changing world we live in.

Huffington Post Italia signifies the creation of a new civic space. In this era of endangered enthusiasms and fresh longings, we aim to challenge received wisdom and initiate passionate debate. This is our promise.