10/31/2014 01:07 am ET Updated Dec 29, 2014

10 Appropriate Twitter Reactions to the Media's Ebola Hype

As someone who one day wants to become a full-time member of the media, the media's reaction to the spread of the Ebola virus to the United States (what many media outlets have been calling "a crisis") has been nothing short of disappointing and discouraging.

The fact of the matter is, a few isolated incidents in the U.S. does not and should not warrant labels such as "crisis." If anything, the greater crisis at the moment is now the fear and stigma associated with Ebola and people of West African heritage.

Although not all media outlets have been irresponsible with their coverage of the virus, the vast majority have used the isolated incidents of the virus in the U.S. to drive page-views and consequently advertising revenue.

Luckily, for every click-bait headline or ill-informed story that is published, there is a Twitter user ready to call out the media for these practices and counteract the media hype with reason and facts (including stories that the media and public should be more concerned about). Here are some of the best ones:


Though media coverage on this issue has been disappointing, the fact that so many have been willing to combat the media hype and act as a watchdog for the media shows that we do still live in a society where truth and facts are still valued over hype. Keep it up, Twitter.