10/26/2011 04:21 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

World's Most Beautiful Restroom Views (PHOTOS)

There were, of course, moments when my mission seemed completely ridiculous. Nevertheless, hunting toilets around the world for my book "A Loo with a View" (Firefly Books 2011) was a great adventure. As I joke in the introduction: "Considering the amount of loitering I've done in toilets with a camera, it's a miracle that I'm not in prison".

It began in a bathroom without a view. Sitting there, daydreaming, I remembered a loo I had encountered as a boy - a loo [as you may already know, a British word for "toilet"--HuffPost Books editors] like none I'd seen before - a loo with a spectacular view. Suddenly, the idea hit me - I would seek out and document the other great loo views on Planet Earth.

History may or may not judge it as a 'Eureka!' moment, but it was a moment nonetheless...

To my delight, I started to find toilet gold. World Heritage Sights, National Parks, aeroplanes taking-off and landing, iconic bridges and towers, waterfalls, historical sights, live international sport, wild African game and even the peak of Mount Everest - all visible from the comfort of a convenience.

My book "A Loo with a View: Sights You Can See from the Comfort of a Convenience" features dozens of the world's premier loo views - each selected because they offer something unique to users/readers - all part of a magic-carpet ride around the world from the loo.

I'm often asked which is my favorite loo - a question I have likened to a parent being asked to name their favorite child. The truth is that I am drawn to different loos for different reasons. Although I love them all dearly, I would like to introduce some favorites from the book - in no particular order, as that would not be fair to the kids...