09/03/2014 01:52 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2014

An Unexpected Love

I believe love has the chance to come to us when we're open to it. "Heartbeats, True Personal Stories of Love" has 50 stories. One of these stories, "An Unexpected Love", is about a woman named Cynthia, in Chicago, who was open to love.

On a trip to Acapulco things were about to change forever for Cynthia, but she didn't know it yet. She met a pilot one evening at a gathering and, as she describes, "The next day we went to the beach where we swam and had these ridiculous drinks in pineapples. A band played and we danced in our swimsuits." As Cynthia happily danced, she only briefly noticed a group of men. "They all wore black socks, black shoes and white shirts with the sleeves rolled up. I noticed them, not anyone in particular, just the group of them, very briefly as they looked so out of place."

Back in Chicago, at a fashion show where Cynthia was modelling, the show's organizer told her "There's a man out there who thinks he knows you."

"Oh, give me a break," I said. "That's the oldest line in Christendom. I'm not coming out."
"He's with a friend of mine."

"I don't care. I'm not coming out." She actually put our friendship on the line so I came out like a bitch on wheels. I really did not want to come out. I could not have been colder.

She introduced us. "This is Chuck Olson." I looked at him and realized he was definitely not a masher, but a handsome well-bred man.

"You look so familiar," he said. "You have a beautiful tan. Where were you?" When I told him I had been in Acapulco his eyes shot open. "You have a black and white bikini and you are a fabulous dancer."

Oh, my God! I thought. He was one of the black-socked men. We sat and talked for the next few hours till they closed the restaurant.

Love found Cynthia and led her down a wonderful road of friendship, romance and laughter. "We absolutely adored each other. We crossed into each other's worlds. People use the expression of someone having your back. The loveliest thing, for me, about truly being in love is that Chuck didn't just have my back; he looked out for all of me. I knew that no matter what happened he would be there for me and vice versa. We were each other's anchors. It was the deep, deep feeling that someone just adored you to the core of your being. I'd never had that before. When we touched each other, there was an instant communication of warmth and love. It was like our souls connected whenever we touched."

An Unexpected Love tells of Cynthia's and Chuck's fabulous life together. It describes how love was shown in such delightful ways. Their story touched me.

"Heartbeats, True Personal Stories of Love" has 49 other stories that have been shared with me. These stories are about love in its many forms: romantic love, love of family, friendship, love of animals and many more. They are uplifting, inspiring and deeply touching. "Heartbeats" will be published as an E book on Amazon this fall. These stories help us to remember how important love is, and I wish to share them with you. I believe that love is what we're here to learn.

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