09/29/2015 03:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Use Periscope in Your Business


Let's get down to business. Do you Scope? If not, stick with me while I explain a few things. And if so...keep on reading!

Periscope is a live-streaming video mobile app that Twitter purchased in February 2015. It only took 10 days for Periscope to hit 1 million users; and four months after its launch date, the app reached 10 million users.

Want to hear something even more stunning? Periscope is currently the #1 fastest-growing social network to date!

Essentially, Periscope allows you to "go live" via your smartphone from any location, at any time. The app lets you have your very own broadcasting system at the tap of a button. Viewers can tune in to your broadcast from anywhere in the world.
I've been Scoping weekly, and the benefits have been numerous.
Below are the top 4 reasons you should be using Periscope as a content marketing strategy in your business.

4 Reasons to Start Scoping in Your Business

  1. Gain a new group of followers: Most of my Periscope community is brand new to me. This is a whole new set of business owners, marketers, bloggers, etc. that may never have found me if I wasn't Scoping. I am moving these followers to Facebook, Twitter, my email list and even clients.
  2. Market your brand: The ideas are limitless. Here are some to get you started: Give a behind-the-scenes look into your brand, host a live Q&A, give a tutorial, showcase your new product launch, film a live event.
  3. Show off the real you: You've heard me say this before...Being authentic on social media is the only way to go. When you Scope, you can't hide the real you. Your viewers are seeing and connecting with a real person, not just the brand behind a Facebook page or Twitter account. And remember, people buy from those they know, like, and trust.
  4. Build deeper relationships: It's been really fun to engage with people live. Many of my followers have put me "on alert" and know when my Scopes start. They pop in a few times a week and this allows us to get to know one another better.