01/27/2015 08:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Entrepreneurs Are Authors, Too


Last week I hosted a live two-hour workshop in New York City called Build Your Business with a Book. Six women gathered to talk about their visions for their books, what they wanted to accomplish this year as far as writing goals, and how they could support one another on their writing journeys.

It was a nearly perfect day... and I'd like to share three of these future authors with you!

Tania combines her 20 years experience in the fashion industry with an image consultant certification to work as a personal stylist and help women take their images up a notch to increase their influence and success. She has decided to write a book about style--but how it starts from the inside first. Tania has also decided that her book will be split into distinct sections, such as "The Stay At Home Mom" and "The Business Executive By Day", so that it is a practical guide to addressing the needs of each type of woman featured in the book. Many of her clients' personal stories will be infused throughout the book, giving it that distinct, personal feeling of what I am coining as a memoir+how-to blended genre.

Jodi, a health and nutrition coach, is working on a spectacular book which is highlighting her own personal journey to better health and nutrition. Not only is she going to give practical tips along the way to her readers, but she is infusing many of her own struggles over the years, providing intimate glimpses to the many readers who will find inspiration in her words.

Cristina, a two-time Olympic games swimmer, is ready to speak out on the struggles of transferring from a high-impact athletic setting, into a "normal" life. She is writing a book so that she can help more athletes understand exactly what it takes to go from a highly disciplined and rigid schedule, back into the "normal" world. This book will be used to extend her speaking platform and coaching clientele.

The possibilities are endless when thinking about writing a book for your business. A book is a great way to extend your platform, showcase your expertise, build connections with other influencers in your field, and create an additional revenue source in your business!